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SSX - Smart String Box

Want to know more about our Smart String Box?

Webdom delivers strings boxes mounted and pre-wired in polyester panels, with fuses in positive and negative lines, surge voltage protection and main switch.


Cabinet for indoor/outdoor use with skew roof, made of insulating, slow-burning and self-extinguishing composite: Polyester + Glass fiber.

​Grouped Boxes

​Inside view of electrical box

SSX — Smart String Box

The Smart String Box is integrated into PV string boxes and allows knowing the main parameters and detect possible failures in the PV modules.

Electronic board with customizable polycarbonate cover

The monitored information facilitates the operating and maintaining tasks of the park, for a better performance and higher output of the solar park.

Detail of board components

SSX in the electrical box

SSX — Smart String Box. Technical features

Hall effect sensors to measure DC up to 16 independent channels in a modular fashion, with operating currents up to 40A. The system also allows to measure voltage and ambient temperature of each module.

​SSX without polycarbonate cover

Current board detail

Webdom SSX is composed of a main board and up to 9 easy expandable sensor boards (current and voltage).

  • ​5x LED status 
  • 2x PT100/1000 
  • 1x 4-20mA 
  • 1x 0-10V 
  • 4x Digital inputs 
  • 4x Digital outputs 
  • Communication port ModbusRTU, RS485 to 115,2kbps, input/output terminals (A,B,GND, Shield)

  • Isolated RS485 driver with earth connection
  • Datalogging memory (up to 6 month of data)
  • 10-30VDC Power Supply 
  • Consumption 100mA@24VDC (3W) 
  • Remote uploading Firmware 
  • Optional Radio Module @868MHz

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